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It is popularly agreed by financial experts that an offshore trust in a properly selected jurisdiction can be the strongest asset protection vehicle worldwide. This is because when your local court demands payment, your trust company in an offshore jurisdiction is not obligated to comply with the court order. Thus, the licensed trust company does what it is supposed to do and keeps your assets out of harm's way.

An offshore trust is very much like a traditional trust in that it comprises a relationship or arrangement among “Trustee(s),” “Settlor(s),” and “Beneficiary(ies).” Provisions are made in a binding, written legal document known as the “Trust Deed.” This legal entity is permitted by law to hold title to assets and property, and manage the assets in accordance with the trust deed in order to provide a series of benefits and distributions to a person or group of persons designated as the beneficiaries.

The trustee and/or the trust company is charged with the management of the trust and are bound by a fiduciary duty to act in the client's best interest and to uphold the agreement. Their signatures on the trust deed represent their legal obligation to honor the rules and requirements stipulated in the trust deed. A trust, unlike a corporation or foundation, makes use of the trustee to provide for the beneficiaries and protect the assets from unforeseen circumstances such as lawsuits or marital disputes, which is why an offshore structure from Atkins Corporate Services Ltd. would be very advantageous.